Romantic Camping Ideas: A Beginner’s Guide

There is something romantic and mystical about nature. Stargazing, cuddling by the fire and listening to the sounds of the guitar seem like things from a movie. With the proper romantic camping ideas you can have a life time experience, especially if you are well prepared. Don’t worry if this seems to be easier said and done.

In this article, we will wake you through the whole process. Camping is actually very fun. But people don’t usually associate it with something romantic. The truth is that because nature is a bit unpredictable, impressing your significant other might be a bit challenging if nature decides to show its other face.

Nevertheless, when planned properly, a romantic camping trip is something that you would definitely remember forever. Moreover, your love interest would always remember the effort and that extra mile you chose to go in order to plan a fun trip together.

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In this article, we are going to offer some important tips that will help you plan and execute a successful romantic camping trip. We also have some of the best romantic camping ideas that are guaranteed to wow your partner.

Before You Start

The most important thing is to understand that this is not an easy task. This is true. Planning a romantic camping trip is actually more challenging than planning an ordinary one. This is because when you are camping, you are expected to encounter some hardships, simply because you can’t control the wilderness.

If you are camping with your love interest, you want to make sure that everything is perfectly set and planned. This is more crucial if your partner is not really an avid camper.

But don’t panic just yet. This could be a great chance, not only to introduce your partner to the beauty and secrets of nature but also to get them acquainted with something that you actually love. Camping in nature is a great chance to get away from every day stress.

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It is a wonderful opportunity to open up and get real without any pressure. There is something divine about staring at the Milky Way and diving into the magic of the sky. A campfire will create the chance for some cozy talks and some serious cuddling.

Getting Prepared

The truth is that you will never be able to control nature. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can take into consideration that will help you create the perfect mood. Being well prepared will guarantee the success of your romantic camping experience for the perfect moments and memories.

Picking up the Right Location

Let’s agree that the weather can’t be 100% accurately predicted. But you can pick up a proper location with an adequate temperature. While camping in freezing weather can be interesting, you must understand that it is very challenging.

tent in the snow

At the same time, it is not actually the weather you want for a romantic night. Your best bet would be a warm location with some greenery and flowers around. It will be a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also lighten up a warm fire for some cuddling under the stars.

The Proper Time

Timing is everything. Camping in winter opens up the chance for some fun snow fights and building a snowman. But it is actually better to reserve the festive season for family camping. The spring is the best time to enjoy your romantic camping trip.

The flowers will start to bloom and it is a great chance to watch the butterflies and enjoy the birds chirping. Summer time can be quite hot but it is a good chance if you are into dipping into a lake or a stream. The place and time of your camping trip will greatly influence the choice of your outfits.

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If you plan on planning the whole thing as a surprise, then make sure that you have brought appropriate clothing items for your partner. Remember that sometimes there will be a great difference in temperature in the daytime and at night. You should make sure that everybody will leave the campsite as healthy as they got in the first place.

Pay Attention to the Surroundings

You might need to do some little research before you pick a certain place for your romantic camping experience. This trip will definitely take more than day; this is why you should pick a place that is safe at day and night.  A place where wild animals are more likely to roam freely might not be the perfect spot for your romantic plans.

Pick a safe place where you and your partner can enjoy your time alone. Meeting a grizzly bear is not actually the encounter you might be looking for on a dreamy trip.

Your Experience

Are you an outdoors enthusiast? Do you actually have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? This is something that you should consider because you don’t want to come off as clumsy. You should be packed with the basic knowledge needed to set up a campfire or a tent.

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If you lack the needed knowledge, the internet should be your best friend. You will be able to find a lot of articles with the basic survival tips and everything that a newbie needs to know before spending time under the stars.

Just make sure that you do your homework before inviting your significant other for romantic time away from pressure and stress. This will definitely earn you some extra points. Unfortunately accidents happen. This is why you need to pack some emergency medications and tools that can save a life when you are alone.

Even if you are the most experienced camper on the planet, you can never do wrong with a first aid kit and a survival kit. These won’t only save a life but show your partner that you are dependable and responsible.

Packing Your Food

Food might not be an issue if you are camping with some friends. But romantic camping is different as you need to show that you’ve gone that extra mile. While the wilderness is a great place to hunt and cook your food, this is might not be what your partner has on mind.

camping food in ziplock bags

It is crucial to pay attention to your partner’s food preferences. If your partner is vegetarian, vegan or allergic to some food, they would greatly appreciate it if you consider this. There are a lot of available options that you can choose from if you want to prepare an interesting menu.

You don’t have to opt for processed food since it is not actually the healthiest option. You can actually pack some easy options that can be quickly heated on a portable stove or your campfire. This might also be a chance to do some delicious cooking which can prove to be hilarious.

Cooking under the stars can be fun and the results will be really tempting. Don’t forget your spices and herbs. They are not heavy and can be easily packed. At the same time, they will add a unique taste to your dishes.

cooking on campsite
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Packing more food is better than running out of it. You can definitely take the leftovers home and this is something that your partner wouldn’t mind. At least, they would appreciate it more than starving.


Do you think that just because you are camping outdoors, you have to leave everything as it is? This is not true. If you are planning a romantic trip with your loved one, you can definitely arrive before them to set the mood.

Before you reach the place with your partner or while they are chilling or relaxing alone, you can always use some baby lights to decorate the tent. This indirect light is super romantic and will make your camping spot look like a scene from a chick flick. You don’t have to overdo it since you are basically trying to enjoy nature together.

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A Bluetooth speaker can help you create the perfect romantic night. Pick your partner’s favorite music. This will show that you actually care and have spent a lot of time trying to offer them with the best experience.

Keep Your Phone on Silent

No, we don’t recommend leaving your phone at home. Your phone is a great device that you can use to predict the weather, tell the time and the wind direction. It is also essential to pinpoint your location on GPS. But most importantly, it is what you need in case of an emergency.

Having your phone connected to the network might save your life, but you don’t have to let it interrupt your romantic time. Keep your mobile on silent. This is not the time you should be chatting with friends or getting phone calls from your boss.

Simple Romantic Camping Ideas

Planning a romantic night with your love interest is simply great. Spending it in a camp built just for the two of you shows that you really care and takes the whole relationship to a whole new level. It might be your chance to attract the attention of someone or a great opportunity to show them how much you mean to them.

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You can simply plan a romantic camping trip to set up your proposal or celebrate your lover’s birthday. Whatever your motive is, being creative is what will really make this trip one that can’t be forgotten.

There are a lot of ideas that you can consider when you are trying to plan the best romantic night under the stars. The following ideas are simple and suitable for every situation. They are also appropriate if you are not sure whether your partner will actually fall for the wilderness.

The Cozy Approach

This is what you can go for if you want your plan to come off as awesomely effortless. It seems like you have everything naturally prepared although it actually took you a lot of effort. This cozy and comfy approach is best if you are still starting on your relationship and don’t want to come off like being too much.

It is a great chance to disconnect from the crowd and get to know each other. Because it is all about spending some quality time together, your number one focus should be on how comfortable your tent will be. You can add comforters, quilts, pillows to make sure that your partner is relaxed when you are opening up to each other.

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A cozy warm blanket can keep you warm inside or outside the tent. It is also a chance to gaze into each other’s eyes as you confess your love feelings. A wide camping cot that will accommodate both of you is the best option if you and your partner want to stay away from bugs and insects.

You might opt for 2 sleeping bags if your partner is not comfortable about sharing a bed just yet. Sleeping bags are also lighter and easier to pack than a camping cot, although some cots are portable and easy to carry. The point is to make sure that the time spent inside the tent will be a lot better than the time anyone could be spending outside.

The Candlelight Approach

Your partner might think that they are in for some rough time in the wilderness….but a bottle of bubbly, a well prepared dinner and some romantic lights will let them know that they are in for something else. This approach is best if you want to celebrate your anniversary or your lover’s birthday.

It is also a great chance to prepare the perfect setting for a heart- melting proposal. You need to be well prepared to pull this off. A few candles around the campfire will light up the mood. Don’t assume that you can’t serve a three course meal in the wilderness.

romantic tent with candles

You will definitely have to precook some of the items at home, but you can also resort to natural elements to add that extra kick to your meal plan. A few exotic berries, provided that they are safe, or some properly cooked steak with a secret sauce can make your ordinary dinner seem like a million dollars.

Don’t waste the chance of using fresh vegetables to add a delicious taste to your salad. If you choose to cook everything at home, then pack everything separately. You can keep the sauces in mason jars and use sealed containers to keep all your ingredients fresh.

You can always choose some elements that would still taste great served cold, or heat your food up using the campfire. Preparing your own food is actually a cost efficient and healthy solution. Processed ready-made food is rich in salt and preservatives and this is not what you really want to offer your lover.

Cooking your food will allow you to create a special custom made menu. You can pick and choose among ingredients and even prepare the best vegan, gluten free or vegetarian food if this is your lover’s food preference. Again this says a lot about how much you care and how far you are willing to go to make them feel comfortable and cared for.

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Don’t forget to use some elegant utensils. Disposable plates and cups are economic if you are camping with your friends. But a romantic camping trip is something else. Don’t forego the crystals and the Fine China just because you are not home. It will show that you are giving it 1000%.

The Wild Approach

Are you telling your partner that you are in this together for better or worse? If you are sure that your partner wouldn’t mind, you can pick a rather challenging route. You can still have the comfortable tent for some quality time but you can also add some fun to the whole experience. Canoeing or kayaking can be so much fun.

You can also go hiking with long romantic walks where you talk about your lives and your love. You can arrive before your partner and plan a special Geocaching event. While your partner are busy reading the map trying to find the next treasure, you sneak to hide their birthday gift or a promise wrong. The surprise will be overwhelming.

In Conclusion

When people are happy and feel appreciated, they tend to see everything actually bigger than it really is. A simple surprise camping trip can mean so much to your partner. It will show that you have spent a lot of time and effort trying to make something special for them.

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Don’t worry if something doesn’t go as planned. They will still feel that they are with someone special who wants to do what it takes to make them happy. A romantic camping trip is something that you and your partner will never forget. It will also show how it feels like when you are both together against the whole world.

It is a chance to test your love, trust and understanding. As a bonus, you will leave with a lot of precious memories and more appreciation for your presence in each other’s life.

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