Hiking Tips

Potentially helpful hiking information.

Desert Hiking


Hikers need to practice special rules to become acclimatized to the desert.



People who live in, or frequent the desert know the rules and may justifiably regard some of the information in this post as overkill.  The difference is acclimatization.




Avalanche risk is best reduced by avoiding it.



Every year many people lose their lives to avalanches.

To avoid avalanche risk, it is absolutely necessary to be well-equipped, well-educated and to access current information about the area for your planned trip.  No compromise.


Selecting a Hike


Choosing a hike is a straightforward, sensible process.



Gear is assembled for a simple day hike.  This includes hiking boots, layers of clothing, the backpack, backpack contents including the vital emergency kit, food, water and hiking poles.

How To Walk Downhill


Special hiking practices reduce the risk of injury and enhance the experience.



The Calgary Outdoor Center offers year-round programs of education and activity in a wide variety of sports which are popular, but not unique, to this part of the world. 


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