Camping Games For Couples: Tips For A Fun Getaway

Camping can be a great way to get away from everything happening in your life at the moment, especially if you go on an adventure with your significant other. However, after you arrive at the campsite, the big question comes to life: what are we going to do now? Evenings at the campfire can be long, and it’s not unusual to run out of ideas what to do next.

But here’s the good news – games aren’t just for kids! There are plenty of camping games for adults you can play! They are a fun way to connect, spent some quality time together with your partner and learn more about each other. We want to make sure you have the best possible time together and make great memories.

Couple at Campsite

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of games for you to check out and hopefully find something you haven’t tried before. Most of them require only imagination or only the most basic of equipment, so you won’t have to carry anything heavy. Keep reading to find out more!

Easy Games For Beginners

The games below need little preparation and tools to use. Actually, you can play most of them without anything else but yourself and your partner. If you want to spice things up, we prepared a list of things to bring, but you probably already have them packed up:

  • paper plates
  • a couple of pens or sharpies
  • post-it notes

Let’s Play!

If you are not excited about games just yet, we promise you will really enjoy them after you tried them with your partner. It’s never too late to learn something new and now, you’re going to learn how to play some fun games!

Couple Enjoy Their-self

20 Questions

Choose an object. Your partner will now ask you 20 different questions that will hopefully help him/her guess what your secret object it. Next round, switch places!

Who Am I

All you need is a pen and some post-it notes. Think of a person, write its name on the post-it and stick it on your partner’s forehead. Your significant other will do the same. Choose the category of people together – for example:

  • politicians,
  • athletes,
  • famous people,
  • foreign actors etc.
Who am I
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Your goal is to guess whom the person you have on your forehead is. You can only ask yes or no question and you can keep asking questions until you get a no. Then, your partner can start. This goes on until you both guess the name you have written on the post-it.

Campfire Stories

Select a couple of categories of stories you’re going to tell. For example, a scary story, your first job, your first date, the first time you went camping, etc.

Depending on how long have you two been together for and of course, what your interests are, you can adapt the categories indefinitely. Make a nice fire, enjoy some tea or hot chocolate and let the stories evening begin.

Listen & Draw

Communication is key for good relationship and it starts with good listening skills. For this game, you each need a pen and something to draw on – a piece of paper or a cardboard plate for example.

Listen and Draw

You will sit down back to back. One of you starts describing a scene and the other has to listen carefully and draw what they hear. Make sure to use a lot of adjectives and are clear in your explanations.

When you are finished, you can see if your partner drew what you had in your mind. Next round you can switch the roles.

Who Are They?

This is perfect for couples that are very observant. The game can also be played while driving, hiking or when you’re setting up camp.

You and your partner will choose a person or a couple you meet and/or see on the way. Then, you will create the story of their lives according to your first impression.

Couple Playing Games

We have some questions to help you create their life stories:

  • Who are they?
  • What are their names?
  • Do they have any pets?
  • How does their morning routine look like?

You can answer as many questions as you can come up with. The next level of the game is to ask yourselves: Why? What about those people made you create the story you created for them?

This game can also be played if you’re camping with another couple since you probably pick up on different details about the people around you and can get very deep and philosophical if you want it to.

Would You Rather

A very simple game: you just have to ask your partner which of the two things/experiences you proposed would h/she rather do.

Couple in a Tent

For example, would you rather fight 20 horses the size of a duck or a duck the size of a horse? You can ask silly questions like this one or more realistic ones such as: Would you rather spend a night on the mountain in the summer and are attacked by mosquitoes the whole time or in the winter and be freezing?

There are no limits to this game, but it is a great way to get to know each other – even in case of more unrealistic scenarios.

Truth Or Dare

This is a true classic! Played by everyone in high school at some point, it can be great fun for couples while camping as well.

One of you has to choose either to tell the truth or accept a dare and the other has to either ask a question that needs to be answered without reservations or propose a challenge for the other person to do.

Couple in Nature

You can switch roles and set up your own boundaries of what is acceptable and what isn’t. This is also a great game to play if you go camping with other couples or a group of friends and always provides unforgettable (more or less embarrassing) memories.

Object Spotting

Very simple game to play: Give yourselves a set time period in which your task is to spot as many objects of a specific category as you can. You can play spotting your favorite brand of backpacks, cars, and type of plant – anything you want.

You can pick objects from your camping gear, nature, trees, and so on. Whichever of these (or other) categories floats your boat – go for it!

You have to play fair play since there are no judges. When you spot something that you believe counts, tell your partner and you will decide together if this counts or no.

Object Spotting

The winner is the person with the most chosen objects spotted.

We like to play this game because you get to practice fair play, good communication and it also creates fun jokes and memories you two can share and think of in the future. Internal jokes that come out of this game really bring people together, so it is suitable also to play with friends or another couple that is coming along.

Fun Games That Require Some Preparation Ahead

The games you just read about really don’t require much planning or preparation – it can be a last minute fun activity to fill your time.


However, the next couple of suggestions will require you and your partner to decide on ahead of time. So, next time you plan a camping getaway, you can add one of the games below to the packing list.

Board Games

Camping getaway is the perfect opportunity to conquer a new skill together with your partner – for example, you two can learn how to play chess together. You can also play your favorite games from when you two were kids. Probably you grew up playing some games that are the same, but we’re sure you can teach each other some new ones as well.

Board Game

There are many travel sets of board games available, just make sure you keep your cool – nobody likes a sore loser especially if there is just the two of you having a romantic getaway.

Scrabble With A Twist

You probably played Scrabble before – if you haven’t you can find instructions either on the back or inside of the box. However, the Scrabble we suggest has some additional rules that make it even more fun.

Basically, you can add a category to the words that can be presented on the board, for example:

  • words connected to romance
  • words connected to the time you two spent together
  • words containing a particular letter you chose


Simple rules like these add a twist to what is already a really fun game and there is no limit – get creative and come up with some fun ones together!

Star Spotting

This fun activity is one that requires ja little bit more planning. We’re sure you heard of stars maps before, right? You can get one of them in all the outdoors shops and they are way more fun than you would’ve thought!

So, once you get your hands on a star map, you will have to choose a clear night when the moon isn’t big to go camping. Make sure you drive away from the city and big towns, so you get as little light pollution as possible. We prefer camping spots next to wide-open spaces – for example, set up a camp on the side of a big field.

Star Spotting

Once the night falls, pull out your star map, grab a blanket and go lie in the field. Now, the game starts: whoever correctly identifies more starts and constellations wins. Decide on the reward together.

Learn A New Survival Skill

Sure, you packed your shelter, gas burner and portioned all the food. However, there is strength in knowing you would make it a couple of days if you get lost on the trail. You would need to build a shelter, start a fire, and take care of the water situation just to start with.

We suggest you and your partner get a survival guide such as one of the following (that we tried before and trust):

  • Bear Grylls: Survival Camp
  • Tom Brown Jr.: Field Guide to Wilderness Survival

There are many more out there for you to choose from. You two can pick up a book ahead of time and pick a skill you both want to learn, refresh knowledge of or experience with. You can pack appropriate gear if needed and plan your camping getaway around this challenge.

Learning Skills

Learning new skills and refreshing knowledge of old ones is an important part of responsibly playing in the great outdoors. With a whole book full of skills you could acquire you have entertainment provided not just for one but also for many of your future camping getaways!

Don’t forget to be responsible

With all the fun you will have, one last tip: don’t forget to be responsible with your playground. Make sure to pick up the trash, pack it out and kill the fire before you leave. When in doubt, use a quote scouts use: Leave this word a little better than you found it.

Now Go Have Fun!

Camping is always fun, especially if it means you get and give all your attention to your significant other.  Even just one night away from everything familiar will bring the two of you together in ways a casual evening on the couch never will.

Couple Having Fun

You now have a lot of fresh ideas to present to your partner before you even start planning the trip! It doesn’t make a difference if your camping partner is a new person in your life that you want to put through the ultimate test or your spouse of 10 years or more. The games you have just read about are a fun way to spice up all parts of the experience: the drive, the hike, setting up camp, making dinner etc.

Some of the games you probably already know but never thought about using them in this way, right? Childhood favorites get a new meaning when played in a new environment, next to a campfire with your special someone by your side.

Are there any other games you usually play when camping? Some that you played as a kid and just realized could be used as fun camping games as well? Share your suggestions below and help others expand on their game knowledge!

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