Autumn in Bowmont and Baker Parks - Calgary, Alberta


Autumn colors in Bowmont and Baker Parks along Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Autumn Colors, Bowmont Park, Baker Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


It may be fair to say an Autumn day in the southern foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains is more subtle than the explosion of color enjoyed by our eastern friends in the Maritime Provinces, Québec and Ontario.

Southern Alberta may not be particularly competitive with Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or British Columbia either.

However, combining subtle color with river and mountain scenery guarantees an excellent presentation.  The following photo essay contains images from Bowmont Natural Environment Park in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Bowmont_Baker_01 Bowmont_Baker_02 Bowmont_Baker_05 Bowmont_Baker_08 Bowmont_Baker_10 Bowmont_Baker_12


Throughout the summer and shoulder seasons, it is customary to wander or bike through nearby city parks.

On this day, with sun low in the sky, there is an opportunity to take a few snapshots of fall colors while riding the paths of Bowmont Park into Baker Park on the north side of the Bow River in northwest Calgary.

The west border of Bowmont Park meets the east border of Baker Park on the north side of the Bow River across from Bowness Park.


Bowmont_Baker_14 Bowmont_Baker_15 Bowmont_Baker_19 Bowmont_Baker_21


There has been restoration progress on the Stoney Trail Pedestrian Bridge in Baker Park from damage done by the June, 2013 floods. 

A few images follow from Autumn in Baker Park.


Bowmont_Baker_23 Bowmont_Baker_27 Bowmont_Baker_32 Bowmont_Baker_34 Bowmont_Baker_37 Bowmont_Baker_39 Bowmont_Baker_41 Bowmont_Baker_42


And then, there is the winter with a whole new set of recreational and unique photographic opportunities on shorter days with sun low in the southern sky.

Photographs in this post were captured on October 21, 2013.