Magnetic Hill - Moncton - Hiking New Brunswick


Magnetic Hill is a major amusement and heritage park in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.



Moncton is enjoying a typical Calgary four-season day, only warmer, more humid, and with bouts of actual sunshine.  There was a lot of snow in Moncton over the winter, to the point where there was no place remaining to store any more.

The snow is almost gone now, but mountains of piled snow in massive shopping center parking areas lie testament to the previous seasonal deluge.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


On the way to Magnetic Hill, Mélanie stops into the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum, originally built in 1883, which now preserves historical artifacts and maintains genealogy records of early life in the Maritimes.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick is a theme park centered around a slope where a vehicle can park, place the transmission in neutral, release the brake, and roll uphill.

The optical illusion is very convincing but the experience cannot be enjoyed this day because major portions of Magnetic Hill are either snowbound or closed for the winter.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


The covered bridge entrance, originally built at Parkindale, New Brunswick in 1916, was taken out of service and relocated to Magnetic Hill in 1982.

It is one of many historical covered bridges which are preserved and remain in place throughout Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia today.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


Over the years, the Magnetic Hill attraction has expanded with additions which include a zoo, a water park and a village with a shopping area reminiscent of early New Brunswick.

We are limited to investigating the highlights from fence boundaries.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


End of day dinner is at Fisherman's Paradise for extraordinary seafood and a fitting end to the short visit to Moncton.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick


This activity-packed trip has rejuvenated me with welcome relief from the banality of home, workplace, quite frankly the computer, and the burden of a long Calgary winter. 

Although the trip included a few short hikes, the theme was dominated by sightseeing, enjoying fine East Coast dining, and spending quality time with my good friend and hiking partner.

Fine meals included the Chinese Buffet and Asian Gardens.  Gratitude is extended to Mélanie, who treated me like royalty.  Our journey has included hiking many trails together over many years and Perley Rock at Rogers Pass in Canada's Glacier National Park, British Columbia stands out as an extraordinary and memorable day.

One of the highlights of this trip will always be dinner at Maison Tait House in Shediac, New Brunswick.

In the middle of the night, a taxi picks me up at Best Western for delivery through a snowstorm to the Moncton Airport.  The flight leaves on time and lifts me above the clouds for a spectacular early morning sunrise.


Magnetic Hill - Moncton - New Brunswick