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Memories of Palais Crystal Palace - Dieppe - Hiking New Brunswick.



Palais Crystal Palace was closed on September 1, 2014 to make way for retail development, so this historical post remains to serve good memories.

Yes, this is a hiking blog.  No, this post has nothing to do with hiking.  Everybody deserves a break once in a while.  You, me, everybody!

The Crystal Palace was located in Dieppe adjacent to Moncton. New Brunswick, less than a five-minute stroll from my accommodation at the Best Western Plus.

Palais Crystal was an indoor amusement park for children, or adults like myself who are compelled to behave like children.


Crystal Palace


There was an impressive array of rides and attractions crammed into one tight space.  On the periphery were games of chance in the Fantasy Arcade, laser tag, candy floss and wax hands.

Stage center contained a tangle of rides including Krazy Cars, Skyflyer, and Crazy Submarine.


Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Crystal Palace


An 18-hole mini golf course was buried under the Bullet Rollercoaster.  There were gentle rides for the young children, which I could not fit into, like the 4 Wheeler Convoy, the Merry-Go-Round and the Rio Grande.


Crystal Palace Crystal Palace


The Red Baron airplane ride was too small.  The Tree House, and Climbing Wall, were too busy.  Where are all the heavy-duty rides adult children can enjoy somewhat inconspicuously? 

Voilà!  There it is, dead center under the glass-domed ceiling.  My absolute, all time favorite ride;  the Waveswinger.  We get a break, it is not too busy.  Mélanie gets the tickets and, immediately, we were standing in line with eager anticipation.


Crystal Palace


In preparation for dinner later in the day, I am wearing nicely polished dress shoes, with a white shirt and tie under a dark blue, pinstripe suit.  As always, the swing seats on long chains begin to move slowly, gradually gaining speed until we are flying through the air at high-speed in large, angular arcs. 

The Waveswinger's center column extends upward to nearly touch the glass ceiling, then rolls and tilts to modify the flight angles.  It is thrilling.  When the ride completes, Mélanie observes that if awards were being given, I would be a hands down winner for best dressed and oldest person on the ride.  It is always good to get half a compliment. 

There was significant concern that following a long, harsh, insufficiently active Calgary winter, excess body weight might be a negative risk factor.  There was praying the the swing's chains would hold.


Crystal Palace