Maison Tait House - Shediac - Hiking New Brunswick


Maison Tait House is a remarkable dining experience in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada.



The ocean-side summer town of Shediac is about 23 kilometers (14½ miles) east of Moncton near the south-east corner of the province of New Brunswick, Canada.  The previous visit to Shediac, New Brunswick occurred in the Fall of 2006.


Shediac Fall garden at Maison Tate House Shediac - Maison Tait House


The flight from Calgary is delayed by foul weather and de-icing the plane extends the wait.  Although behind schedule, touchdowns in Winnipeg and Toronto go well.

A spectacular sunset unfolds above the clouds on the approach to Toronto, Ontario.


Removing ice in Calgary for the flight to Moncton Sunset above the clouds near Toronto ON


After a long flight day and a very late arrival, friend and hiking partner, Mélanie, meets me at the Moncton airport and delivers me to hotel accommodation at the nearby Best Western.

The next day will feature a tour of  Kouchibouguac National Park and the Acadian Coastal Drive in preparation for a long anticipated fine dining experience at the historic Maison Tait House in Shediac, New Brunswick.


Maison Tait House Dinner Menu


Dinner is ordered from the Menu of the Day, beginning with a choice of fine wine from an extensive wine list. 

The Executive Chef and Sommelier is Chris MacAdam who, although an East Coast lad, gained much of his experience in some of Calgary, Alberta's finest dining rooms. 

Following an excellent salad, the second course is a small serving of Palate Cleanser made from crushed, iced mango and pineapple.  The flavor is exquisite and prepares the taste buds for the main course.  

Mélanie and I choose the Haddock Florentine over Basmati Rice Pilaf with a Julienne of Garden Vegetables.


Dinner at Maison Tait House - Shediac NB


Dessert is Crème brûlée for Mélanie and Triple Chocolate Cake for me with a shared reciprocal sample. 

Chris joins us to chat for a few minutes and appreciation is expressed for the outstanding dinner.  This fine dining experience has been one of the best meals ever and recalls memories of dining at the Woolsey Creek Bistro in Revelstoke, British Columbia on the other side of Canada. 

Mélanie and I have been looking forward to dining at Maison Tait House in Shediac, New Brunswick for a long time and we are not disappointed.  Maison Tait House is an outstanding culinary experience and highly recommended.


The fireplace near our table The traditional after dinner photo at Tait House - Shediac NB Maison Tait House prior to the return to Moncton NB