Town of Banff – Banff National Park – Hiking Alberta


The Town of Banff is surrounded by mountains in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.



This day, Banff National Park is experiencing fickle weather.  The familiar morning drive entertains alternative sunny and overcast conditions and mountain tops, white now from recent snow, are cloud-enshrouded above 2,775 m (9,000 ft).


Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


The Town of Banff in Alberta, Canada is a tourist village which caters year round to domestic and international visitors.  The quaint mountain town is located along the shore of the iconic Bow River in a valley surrounded by Mount Rundle, Mount Norquay and Cascade Mountain among many others.

There are well-documented trails to climb these and adjacent Mount Norquay hosts a via ferrata and winter ski lodge.  Sulphur Mountain is popular with beginners and there is an option to ascend on the cable car for a spectacular hike down.

There are no plans to hike today but shopping and a wonderful river walk dominate an undefined agenda.  Parking in the above-ground, mid-town, free parking complex, is followed by an always entertaining stroll along the main street Banff Avenue. 

For those who need to buy something, the Town of Banff is very likely to have whatever is required.  The selection is broad and prices are often more reasonable than might be expected in any tourist town.

The Town of Banff and the Town of Canmore, just outside the east boundary, are the commercial anchors for Banff National Park and service visitors year round.  There are many unique and interesting gift shops.


Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, CanadaBow River Pathway in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Mount Rundle across the Bow River Bridge


Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Mount Norquay across the Bow River


Banff Townsite – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


A store on Banff Avenue called Mondo Sports is a highlight where two pairs of quality hiking pants with shorter legs like mine are on sale.  Existing hiking pants are in tough shape.

The older pair are badly ripped up from multiple altercations with ice climbing crampons and the most recent pair was largely destroyed climbing over dead-fall in Glacier National Park at Rogers Pass in British Columbia, Canada. 

Hiking pants I prefer zipper off near the knees to become shorts.  They must be a quick drying, light but tough material.  The hard part is finding short-leg pants with zippered bottoms that allow the conversion from full leg to shorts without the time-consuming removal of hiking boots. 

To find one pair would be a miracle.  To find two pairs at very reasonable prices is nothing short of divine intervention.  Soon these new hiking pants will be challenging the east-side trails of Glacier National Park in Montana, USA.

Lunch today in the Town of Banff, at Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon features a pulled pork sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes accompanied by a honey brown and an elk burger with fries and blueberry tea containing Grand Marnier and Amaretto. 

The food is excellent and service is crisp.  There are many outstanding places to dine in Canmore and the Town of Banff.  

A rain storm on the drive home from Banff National Park to Calgary cleans the car and completes an outstanding leisure day.