Montane Traverse – Canmore – Hiking Alberta

Montane Traverse – Canmore, Alberta, Canada Lady MacDonald and Montane Traverse trail-head at Cougar Creek


The Montane Traverse is located above Canmore, west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The hike begins between Mount Lady Macdonald and Squaw's Tit at the Cougar Creek trail-head in Canmore, Alberta.  Recent snowfall has left surrounding mountains capped in white at higher elevations.

The day is sunny and warm and Alberta fall colors are beginning to show.


Montane Traverse – Canmore, Alberta, Canada Mount Lady MacDonald above Canmore, Alberta


A short hike up Cougar Creek leads to a signed left turn and a short, steep climb onto the Montane Traverse which travels east/west along the lower slope of Mount Lady Macdonald.

On the access there is an excellent view of Mount Lady Macdonald above and Grotto Mountain to the east.


Montane Traverse – Canmore, Alberta, Canada Canmore Mountains on the opposite side of Bow Valley


The traverse is a lush and evergreen-shaded trail with morning sun filtering through the trees.  At the west of this circuit, trails lead into Stoneworks Canyon but this more strenuous hike will be done another day.  At the west terminus there is a hiking option to drop down the stony, dry creek bed to meet the Silver Tip walking trail.


Montane Traverse – Canmore, Alberta, Canada Mount Rundle on the opposite side of Canmore in Bow Valley


Occasionally the forest opens to reveal vistas of Lawrence Grassi Mountain, Ha Ling Peak and Mount Rundle on the south side of Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  On the return, an attractive option is to relax at a beautiful grassy area complete with a gazebo used for formal celebrations.


Montane Traverse – Canmore, Alberta, Canada At the gazebo on Montane Traverse


Large quantities of rose petals and dyed oak leaves on the broadloom-like green indicate a recent gathering.  From the gazebo, well established trail provides the return to the Cougar Creek trail-head and the drive home to Calgary.