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Please consult a current hiking guide book and trail map to plan your hike.  Check the weather for the hiking area.  Be prepared for the unexpected.  Carry a sensible emergency kit and (at least) a modest first aid kit.  It is unlikely they will ever be required but best to err on the side of common sense in the event of an unexpected or unforeseen event.  Carefully note round trip distance and elevation.  This sport, like any other, or life for that matter, is the sensible management of risk.

The season may begin with known, previously executed hikes of known characteristic to prepare the body for new trails with major objectives to be tackled near the end of the season.  Seize the opportunity to grow in all ways.  Use all the senses to absorb absolute beauty.  The elements of nature can alter life in a positive and powerful way. 

Please note.  Specific requests from individuals related to trail suitability on specific trails cannot be answered.  Without knowing someone personally, and very well, it would be irresponsible to make specific, individual recommendations.  Each hiker must perform their own due diligence at the time of the hike.  Please conduct your research with appropriate agencies at the time of your mission.  Trail conditions can only be determined at the time of the hike.

Weather in the mountains can be very dynamic and often different than forecast.  It is best to check at departure and gear up at the trail head for perceived possibilities.  Check the weather at your destination.  Be prepared for anything.  Read the articles in the Hiking Tips Category of this blog as a starter.

A great way to begin is with a hiking club or a group of trusted friends.  The benefit of prolonged exposure to the elements of nature can be truly transforming in a very healthy way.

Have yourself a great day, stay safe, and thank you for visiting.  Create a wonderful life for yourself.  Make memorable stories to tell.  And laugh.  It's important to laugh.

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