Ha Ling Trail Repair - Kananaskis - Hiking Alberta


Ha Ling Peak, the poor old thing, desperately needs some tender, loving care.


Ha Ling Peak,  Kananaskis Country, Canmore, Alberta, Canada #hiking

The view to the north face of Miner's Peak and Ha Ling from Quarry Lake above Canmore, Alberta Canada


Kananaskis Region, Park Planner, Thea Mitchell, advises there will be access interruptions for popular Ha Ling Peak including complete closures of major portions, or the entire mountain, throughout 2018.

Ha Ling will periodically be unavailable for the popular hike to the Ha Ling Peak summit and Miner’s Peak or for climbing on the vertical north face.

From Thea:

Ha Ling Peak, located in the Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park portion of Kananaskis Country, can be accessed via the Spray Lakes Road (Hwy 742) just beyond Whiteman’s Gap between Ha Ling Peak and the East end of Mount Rundle (EEOR)  above Canmore.  Ha Ling Peak appeals to hikers and climbers by providing a number of routes on the south and north sides of the peak.

Ha Ling Peak hiking trail is one of the most popular trails in Kananaskis Country. Over many years, the popular hiking trail has degraded substantially due to erosion from weather combined with very heavy pedestrian use.  To prevent further trail degradation, Alberta Parks will realign the trail during the 2018 summer.

To support construction of the new hiking trail alignment, rock blasting and tree removal are required. To ensure safety for hikers and climbers on Ha Ling Peak, Alberta Parks will implement occasional full mountain closures.  Alberta Parks will not permit access to hiking and climbing routes on Ha Ling Peak during these scheduled, announced and published closures.


Ha Ling Peak from EEOR, Kananaskis Country, Canmore, Alberta, Canada #hiking

The view to Ha Ling Peak across Whiteman's Gap from EEOR


Closures will begin in early April for tree removal and the bulk of trail construction will continue throughout July to October.

Updated information on Ha Ling Peak closures is available at Alberta Parks Public Service advisories.

And from  Lindsay Collins, B.Sc., Dip. Env. Tech.| Project Manager, at Kananaskis Region | Environment and Parks, this Construction Advisory concerning the Closure of Ha Ling Peak.


Please be advised of construction activities taking place on Ha Ling from

April 9th through April 13, 2018

when a full mountain closure will be in place.


Alternate trails are nearby to enjoy time in the mountains.  Consult your hiking guide or Gem Trek Map for alternatives.  Have a great day.  Happy trails and stay safe.