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An excellent guide for hiking with children in the Canadian Rockies.


Hiking with children, Alberta, British Columbia, Canada


There is an excellent hiking guide dedicated specifically to parents who wish to introduce their children to the hiking experience. The title is  'Taking a Hike with Your Children™©' authored by Lynda Pianosi.




The introductory sections of the hiking guide, which would apply to anyone, anywhere, provide excellent advice on provisioning for the special needs of young people.  The methodology used to evaluate the short, easy trails could also be applied to trails in any country. 

There are excellent suggestions matching all-terrain strollers or baby-carrier backpacks to the characteristics of specific trails. The 46 excellent short, easy hikes featured in this hiking guide are specific to hikes west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in Banff National Park, Canmore, Kananaskis Country and Lake Louise.  The selections are rated accurately for specific terrain.  This guide will be valuable for people who live and hike in this area and for people visiting Alberta

I would recommend the hiking guide for insight into trail choices no matter where you live.  One of the hikes I have enjoyed with family, in the past, is the infamous Grassi Lakes hike near Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  An entire day can be spent here absorbing the breathtaking beauty, diverse terrain, crystal-clear emerald water and majestic, surrounding mountains.  There are nooks and crannies to explore.  A brass plaque will inform about the Grassi legend

Children can watch rock climbers from a safe distance.  Occasionally, a climber will dislodge a rock but the climbers, who always wear helmets, are concerned about mountain sheep knocking rocks down on them from above.  Caution is prudent in the isolated rock climbing area.




The easy route is a nice forest walk.  Parents can decide about using the more difficult route.  It may be determined by the children's age, energy and experience.  In the event of uncertainty, always default to the easier trail.  The alternative can be done another day.  Here are a few photographs from our experience at Grassi Lakes several years ago.


Grassi_Lakes_2 Grassi_Lakes_3 Grassi_Lakes_4 Grassi_Lakes_5


On some of these treks, a Summit Stone is left in a special place, for those hiking after me to find.  I am making a mental note to leave a Summit Stone on every easy hike, which is suitable for young children, so they will have a chance to find a memorable keepsake and parents can potentially benefit from Adventure Musings

The mountains are magical.  Enough experience can change your life forever.  It may be a clear and viable supplement to time spent in front of a video screen. Please check out 'Taking a Hike with Your Children©' .  It may provide the basis for some quality family time with lasting value. 

This hiking guide is available by mail through the author's website via PayPal or personal cheque.  It can also be obtained at several retail distribution channels including Norseman Ski, Canmore Kananaskis Tourism, Kananaskis Outfitters and Chapters Indigo in Calgary.

There are several quality websites devoted to enjoying the outdoors with young ones and it is worth the time to search them out.


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