Terra Nova Sounds - Hiking Newfoundland


There are Touch Tanks at Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland, Canada.



Driving west from St. John's on the TransCanada Highway will leave the Avalon Peninsula for the first time on the drive past the southern tip of Conception Bay to stop for refreshments and an early morning stretch at the Whitbourne Visitor Information Center along the TransCanada Highway near the southern tip of Trinity Bay.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


Very realistic moose photographs are captured before continuing past Trinity Bay and north around the end of Clode Sound to complete the 3 hour, 247 KM (153 mile) drive from St. John's into Terra Nova National Park. Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


The initial objective is to explore the Nature House Activity Centre at the Newman Sound Visitor Centre about 32 KM (20 miles) into Terra Nova National Park from the south park entrance which is about 32 KM (20 miles) north of Clarenville, Newfoundland.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


Immediately following an entertaining and  productive conversation with Parks Canada personnel to identify premium, short hiking opportunities, Mélanie and I enter the Nature House Activity Centre to investigate the Touch Tanks and immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of cold, salt water sea life.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


Mélanie wastes no time in examining the living samples from the cold, crystal-clear salt water. while I am content to take photographs.  Inner children are alive and well.


 Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


There are a number of very interesting exhibits here.  One which attracts the attention for several minutes is a remote-controlled underwater camera which can be operated to view sea life at the bottom of a nearby wharf.  The sea floor is teeming with energetic life and large fish seem to find the movement of the camera interesting because we are frequently eyeball to eyeball with them via the monitor. 

Untouchable marine specimens can be viewed up close and personal through the thick glass of wall mounted aquariums where Mélanie needs to squeegee condensation created by the cold, circulating water behind.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Melanie is cleaning a window into the aquarium at the Terra Nova Nature House in Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland.


The tour through the exhibits reveals fascinating facts about unique lifeforms and their seemingly bizarre behaviors.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


In an adjacent room,large tanks behind the aquarium glass reveal unusual fish and crustaceans hiding from more public visibility.  There are classrooms on the periphery for children's activity and education.  Very impressive.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada


The Starfish Eatery, a small cafeteria at the back of Nature House, creates marvelous sandwiches on order and hosts large bay windows with views over the wharf extending into Newman Sound.  This becomes one of our best lunch experiences somewhat reminiscent of the view from Smitty's Lounge overlooking St. John's Harbour.  Following lunch, a walk on the wharf enjoys the sights, sounds and feel of the salt air waterfront.  The fresh air odors are unique and interesting.


Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada

Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland, Canada Looking back at Nature House, Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland, from the end of the wharf. The closed circuit video camera rests on the sea floor somewhere beneath us.


Parks Canada Staff have recommended two short hikes.  The first is a short and easy 3.5 KM (2¼ mile) loop named Louil Hill which is best hiked clockwise to provide spectacular views over Alexander Bay and surrounding communities. 

The other recommendation is the 2.0 KM return (1¹⁄₃ mile) Ochre Hill Trail with a variety of landscapes and natural attractions including breathtaking views of Clode Sound and Bread Cove.

There are many amazing hiking opportunities in Terra Nova National Park at varying lengths and skill levels up to the difficult 32 KM (20 mile) difficult Outport Trail along the south side of Newman Sound.  This spectacular hike climbs Mount Stamford and visits the old abandoned saw mill settlement at Minchin Cove

There are more than 60 KM (37½ miles) of hiking trails in Terra Nova National Park suitable for a wide variety of skill levels and ranging from short, easy strolls to challenging, difficult hikes.

Our decisions border on painful.  There is so much to do and so little time. 

The decision is to pass on the short hikes and make the approximate 200 KM (125 mile) drive east on Bonavista Peninsula to visit Cape Bonavista between Bonavista Bay and Trinity Bay.  It is very difficult to evaluate the balance between driving distance and optimum discovery.







The information provided by the centrally located Terra Nova National Park Nature Centre at Newman Sound was exceptionally good and carefully tailored to our specific needs and timeframe. My suggestion would be to consult with the Park Staff there. If you are staying in a nearby town like Glovertown or Port Blandford, or in the Newman Sound Campground the 32 KM return Outport Trail seems like a spectacular, long, full-day hike with a number of fascinating features which include the summit of Mount Stamford and an old, abandoned saw mill site. If you are touring, I believe the place to aim for is Gros Morne National Park further up the coast. I shall look forward to hearing about your adventures. Thanks for your comment, Leigh.

Newfoundland is so rich with hikes that you do need a reasonable amount of time. I haven't visited Terra Nova yet but plan to this summer. The question will be - what are the best of the best to do?