7 Great Hikes in Crowsnest Pass - Hiking Alberta


There are outstanding hiking trails in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.



The Crowsnest Pass, established in 1979, is composed of a series of small towns born from the coal mining industry near the beginning of the 20th century.


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada


From east to west, within a few kilometers, the short string of small towns are Lundbreck, Hillcrest, Bellevue, FrankBlairmore, and Coleman.  Awesome scenery and multiple, historically significant coal mining locations abound in this region of south-west Alberta, Canada.  The Crowsnest Pass contains a wealth of historical treasure.

Frank Slide is a place to hike at the site where Turtle Mountain collapsed and destroyed most of the Town of Frank.  An fascinating interpretive attraction is found at Leitch Collieries.

The Crowsnest Pass is an incredibly beautiful place and there are many unique and varied wilderness adventures available. 

Following is a short collection of excellent hikes in the Crowsnest Pass.


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1.   Hillcrest Mine and Lundbreck Falls


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Lundbreck Falls - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Hillcrest Mine - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta Canada


2.   Crowsnest Lake, Star Creek and the East Kootenay Power Plant 

Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Crowsnest Lake and Crowsnest Mountain - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



3.   Turtle Mountain


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Turtle Mountain - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Thunder in the Mountains - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



4.   Grassy Mountain and The Pod


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Grassy Mountain View - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



5.   Lille


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Ghost Town of Lille - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



6.   Bellevue Mine 


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Belleville Mine entrance - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



7.   Greenhill Mine


Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada Greenhill Mine - Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada



These are only a few of the excellent hiking and exploration opportunities in the Crowsnest Pass. 

Important guide books for the Crowsnest Pass are, 'Hiking the Southern Rockies' authored by a local Crowsnest resident, Joey Ambrosi, and of particular interest to hikers and fishermen.  The guide may be available at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre when you arrive in Crowsnest Pass

Another guide is 'Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass', assembled by Jane Ross and William Tracy, and published by Rocky Mountain Books.  This guide may be available from Amazon or in outdoor supply stores.







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